DON'T LET THE GURUS TELL YOU SHOPIFY STORES DON'T RANK..................They rank like gangbusters
We've put together what we believe is the best Shopify SEO training you'll find anywhere.......
Updated for 2019 
We've put together what we believe is the best Shopify SEO training you'll find anywhere.......
  •  Update for 2019 - SEO changes, we move with that change
  •  Access To Full ShopifyX Training - (Value $297)
  •  24 Modules - step by step process to easily follow
  •  Over 5 Hours Of Amazing Content (Strategies Never Released Before)
  •  Learn strategies to get more organic traffic to your Shopify store
  •  Recommended FREE apps that no one uses but can boost performance significantly
  •  Why the Shopify Structure can kill your store, and how to fix it - Most stores don't know this
  •  NEW BONUS MODULES - How we create a back end email funnel to 2x or 3x the LTV of your customers. If you don't do this you're leaving money on the table
One Time Bonus For Anyone Who Signs Up In The Next 24 Hours

For anyone Shopify store owner who signs up in the next 24 hours, you'll get access to part of the training that we really didn't want to release. You may of heard of Schema, and many stores already have it activated on their product pages, but we use it in a different way. powers up your store like never before.


Do I need previous SEO experience?

No. Although we point out that you should know what SEO is, and how it can help your store and performance.

Do you provide customer support?

We provide support via a dedicated customer support email. We generally respond to questions within in 12 hours, normally it's within 1 hour.

Is the course updated if processes change?

Yes, we have real clients we work with daily and follow the exact same process in the course to rank and improve the performance of Shopify stores. We are constantly reviewing what works NOW. We update the course regularly to ensure we are always ahead of the curve. The course is evergreen.

Are there any extra costs to implements what's in the course?

No. While we do provide recommendations for apps and tools, many are free, and those that do have a cost a very affordable, and are not essential.

Is there an upsell?

No. The course is the course. 

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